Can Technology Actually Cut Your Energy Bill Each Month?

reduce energy bills piggy bank imageFor most families, the monthly utility bill will represent one of the largest financial outgoings on a regular basis. As a result, most families would be very grateful for suggestions as to how to cut the size of their monthly bill.

Thankfully, there are plenty of different ways by which this can be achieved. You might be surprised to learn that modern technology offers a number of different ways for reducing your energy usage. Most of the potential energy saving solutions are simple, require little or no up front investment and are extremely effective. Most of them will lead to an almost immediate reduction in the size of your monthly bill.

The simple expedient of turning off electrical appliances that are not in use is a common sense way to save money on your electricity bill each month. The trouble is that common sense can be a rare commodity at times – and some of our gadgets are almost never switched off. Instead of being properly turned off, a lot of modern gadgets enter “standby mode” instead. In addition to devices on standby, charging devices – such as those used for cell phones, notebook computers and other portable devices – also draw power when they are left plugged in and not charging anything.

As much as 10% of a typical family home’s electricity can be used up in supplying devices which are not actually being used but are sitting “on standby”. You can save money by turning these devices off properly. These days, you can even get special power adapters which detect when a device is in standby mode and then cut off the supply of electricity to it.

You could reduce your monthly utility bill by quite a lot just by fitting these adapters throughout your family home. You might find that it also prolongs the lifespan of some of your electrical devices.

Installing energy saving light bulbs throughout your house is another good way to make use of modern technology reduce your energy use and save money. The conventional incandescent filament bulbs that most of us have been using for years, are a good example of a device which generates more heat than light. A mere 10% of the energy supplied goes towards producing light. The other 90% is wasted in the form of heat.

Modern energy efficient light bulbs use less than a quarter of the energy of traditional light bulbs in order to generate the same level of illumination. They also have a much longer life – so as well as saving you money, you won’t need to get your step ladder out to change light bulbs anything like as often.

Another possible way of making the most of modern technology to cut your bills down is to use cleaning agents and detergents specifically designed to operate at low temperatures. You’ll be able to run your washing machine and dishwasher on lower than normal temperature settings.

The washing machine and dishwasher are two of the most energy hungry appliances in the typical family home. Operating them at a lower temperature – say 30 degrees – could reduce the energy used by up to 40%, and that could have a very positive impact on your energy bill each month.

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